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Wow, great site. Can't wait to see the film!
It's about time someone did a movie about this.
Emil, It's good to see the web site taking shape -the trailer looks great! Charlie and I are spreading the word about the movie and the trailer. Good to see I'm still in it! I hope to see more soon - gallery photos and a bio for you! Take care, Rick
The site is fantastic. Can't wait to see the film.. I tried to sign up for e-mail updates but was unable to do so.
Emil, Its been more than two years since you came to Detroit to interview people for this film and it looks like the wait will soon be over. Thanks for telling the story behind what happened in Royal Oak and other Post Offices. Its been a long and difficult journey and you have played a very important part in revealing the truth behind the tragedy in Royal Oak.
The PO gives 10-point preference to Vets (not a problem) which means we have an over abundance of military personnel. They bring their military background to the PO and try to run it that way which sends employees over the edge. Washington DC needs to take a closer look at how Postal management treats their employees. My opinion...DC needs to put us back under Federal (not quasi-Goverment).
when and where will it be screened?, is it for scalek direct to video. I want a copy thanks
finally a film that tells about what federal employees have to deal with everyday.
After over 30 years involved with bullying in the workplace it's delightful and exciting to see a quality film on the subject. I personally know 9 people who are not alive today because of bullying in the workplace (not going postal" but suicides) and hundreds who have been eviscerated by the workplace bullies. We need to spread the word and pass a law to stop this plague. Your film will help this mission."
"20 year veteran of postal service abuse. Underwent 2 year of psyiatric treatment. Only way to prevent another episode of violence is to be honest. USPS sucks to work there !! Royal Oak is only the bgeginning !!"
I was a victim of workplace bullying for years. I became so depressed, anxious, and distraught that my doctor asked if I had ever considered suicide. My response was no
I have endured workplace bullying on 3 different occasions. I have been treated for stress, anxiety and depression. I have had an occurance where I was firing on a gun range and was actually shooting next to my bully. That is the closest I have ever become to hurting someone. The fact that I was raising children and they needed me is what kept me from it. Thank God! I have wanted to commit suicide. I have planned on leaving my work area on a bad bullying" day and going out to my car and either shooting my self or taking an overdose at work and leaving a note behind that they "the bully" is the reason I did that. I wanted to do that so they would have some horrible thing on their conscience to have to live with. I am glad I have been treated for all of this. I think it would be good to start educating people from a very young age about being a bully and what it does to people. Employers would save money if they educated employees and managers about bullying. In the prison system
I am a teacher who was bullied out of my job in a middle school. I was one of 8 or 9 senior" staff members who was treated in this manner. A colleague came up to me one day and ask if I owned a gun. She explained that she had worked for the Post Office. "I see how you are being treated and I know what happens and I want to know that you aren't going to go out to your car
"We extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who collaborated on this project. For Emil's vision, the crew's determination, Dr. Gary and Mrs. Namie for their tireless leadership and assistance to targets of workplace bullies, and for the compassion to bring this dark secret out into light. We especially commend those that have displayed the courage and strength to have been interviewed for this movie so that many others targets of workplace bullying and violence may be encouraged to come forward and find resources that will prevent any future tragedies. We extend our condolences to the many families and friends who have lost a loved one due to this injustice workplace behavior. Your tragedy is not for none. We join you and the many professionals who are committed to building healthier workplaces in the 21st Century. Ones that are healthy,who dignify all people (employees and customers), and are able to achieve growth and profitablility through ethical and respectful people practices. "
How relieved I am to see this coming to the forefront. There are many I know who fear everyday coming to work for the USPS because the stress is so high. Someone will POP" eventually. I will be one of the first in line to see this. THANK-YOU!"
The trailer literally gave me goose bumps! This is a must see" for EVERYONE. Can't wait..."
"Very informative prooves workplace violence is very real, this site reveals how vulnerable we all are"
"Hi Emil, Thank you for making a documentary addressing the point of view of the marginalized majority of workers who are bullied. I was bullied at work too. I left that environment and now I work for a great boss and fun co-workers and I want folks to know that a positive change can happen for them too. I was desperate and at a loss for what to do. I couldn't think clearly. Please learn your legal rights. I found free podcasts and information from this website You will learn what at will"" employment means. You will learn how to document unlawful workplace behavior"
My fiance' lost his wife Mary in the Royal Oak post office shooting. He was left with two little children and a lifetime of hurt, anger and loss. He doesn't talk about what happened very much, but when he does I can see that he has guilt because he couldn't prevent it, and he had resentment to those who did nothing to prevent it. While I think it is good to get this story out and hopefully prevent another tragedy, I know that my fiance and Mary's family and children are torn between letting this go and hoping that Mary's death may save another mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend from being murdered by a psycho co-worker. I would like to know if we could have a copy of the movie. I would like to watch it first so that I could advise my fiance' or his children or Mary's family whether or not they should see it. I would also like to be able to learn more about this and be able to help my fiance' and his children anyway that I can. I can't imagine anyone dying the way that Mary did, and least of all why...why couldn't the post office realize they had a psycho in their midst and why didn't the police do anything. Isn't a verbal threat to kill considered attempted murder. I guess these are all the same questions that Mary's family has...and there may never be an answer good enough to mend their broken hearts. Thank you , and please, if you could send a copy to me. My email is the best contact.
"Mr. Chiaberi, I have a song that was written on the tragic day by my now deceased husband (boyfriend at the time).He was a very gifted songwriter and this day affected him so he wrote this song that touches on the shooter, and the victims. I thought you might be interested in this song.i was working on Main St. on that day in Royal oak at Monterrey's Cantina and had walked over to mail something when all this was taking place. Please contact me if your are interested. Thank-you, Patricia Hennessey"
"I think we are all missing a very important point here. Yes, the postal worker was wrong in what he did, but we must remember he to, a point, was also a victim. He was harassed and picked on with no end in site. No one would help him when he asked. They just kept on him to the point where a tradgey was waiting to happen. When he went over the edge...their hands were on his back. Some of those that were injured in management, are collecting money falsely saying they can not work. One of them dances at weddings and works doing fund raising acting like a do-gooder, when in fact that person is collecting disability and living a normal life with free money. Some are using the excuse that they hit a brick wall"" to get free money and not have to work. "
I worked for the USPS for less than 1 year...The things that go on inside a post office are unknown by many...It was the most stressful time of my life. I couldn't stand it anymore and had to quit..The supervisor was the one who made my job harder then it had to be and no one could help....If more people where aware of what happens in a post office they would understand how easy it is for someone to snap...
As I write this comment, today a carrier was laid to rest after comitting sucide. He had personal problems (as we all have in some of fashion) as well as problems on the job due to an on the job injury. Management at our office was RUTHLESS. He fought and fought them through the grievance procedure. They came down harder. Hearing through the office rumor, he was told (after taking away/abolish whichever--a mounted route, forcing him onto a walking) that he was not going to receive a cart and if he couldn't complete his assignment in eight, maybe he should quit. I feel that broke the young man's spirit and he snapped. This weekend, while out with a friend he had discussed his plan for Monday and his friend, talked him out of it. His intention was to walk in and take out the Supervisor and the OIC. Wrap that around your head if you can. The atmosphere in our office is highly toxic. We knew something terrible would happen one day at anytime. I felt it, and I prayed often that if that situation was to go down like that, Lord please let be on my SDO. Monday was my SDO. People, what will it take, how many more lives has to be lost( in the Postal family or anywhere) before someone, anyone hear our cry out for help or justice. We feel that those two employees should be held accountable for what happen. Read me out, they knew his situation, and instead of complying with the Disability Act in making accomidations working around and with his situation, they proceeded to harrass and intimidate him full speed ahead to the point his spirit was broken. I know what I speak of for I am going through their hell as I write, I am blacked ball.I tried the proper chain of command ( unit supervisor,Office mgr,the OIC himself (twice) to no avail, only to be met with disicipline and the grin of the OIC.But I am stronger than they think I am and am determined not to let them succeed with the help of Jesus Christ. He may have been teethering with the gun, but my fellow co-workers and I agree, they pulled the trigger. Michelle, you have been there less than a year, and you get it, hell, you got it. I've been there over 15. When will management be held accountable for their actions. When will THIS MADDNESS END?
Everyone should just take a deep breath. Its been 19 years and no one except Charlie Withers and Emil have even attempted to address what happened in Royal Oak. This movie will not change what happened. It will not hold the guilty parties responsible and put them in jail. It will attempt to tell the truth behind the tragedy. Just ask yourself, what have you done over the last 19 years to bring the truth to the public? I just don't understand the negativity when someone finally is making an attempt to bring the truth behind the tragedy to the public. We should be thanking Emil for his insight and fortitude in bringing this to the public. Why do you critisize him and not Postal management? The story will soon be known, so just chill.
Having worked in a post office that had Chris Carlisle as postmaster, I too have first hand knowledge of what happened. He was District manager Prisilla's righthand man and the first person killed in the shootings. I also attended labor/management meetings with Presilla and his underlings. Have any of you read Charlie Wither's book on what happened? It doesn't appear so, but you should know that Charlie is the person that is featured most prominently in the film. Charlie has already seen the movie at its initial private screening in Los Angeles back in March. Moll and Rosen were both in attendance. As was mentioned in an earlier post, a theater has been booked and a date set to have a screening; just like Emil promised Charlie he would do, show it in Royal Oak first. That information you seek will be released very soon. People in the area are already being contacted and invited to this screening. In fact, the current Postmaster in Royal Oak has been invited. Posters advertising the film are up on several Union bulletin boards inside post offices as I speak. Meanwhile, I suggest you read Charlie's book and learn more about what happened then the movie could ever let you know. He's the person that knows more than anyone, what actually happened before and after the shootings.
I agree! But when? Ive been hearing its coming out soon" for way too long"
The timing for release of this documentary couln't be better. Actions and tactics currently utilized by local management are earily similar to what was going on prior to the Royal Oak Postal shootings in 1991. This District manager is micromanaging just like Prescilla did back then. Harassment of limited and light duty Carriers is once again occuring and the hostile work environment created by the back by 5pm or else" edict is present at all area Post Offices.
Was able to talk to Charlie Withers the day after he came back from L.A.after viewing the film in its initial screening in March. His comment on the movie was: I thought it was powerful". If that was Charlie's opinion
I wish someone knew when the rest of us postal employees accross the country would get a chance to see it.. It sounds good, but it also did not get any publicity unless thats still to come?
I saw the film and thought it was great. I respect the perseverance it took to get it done and the story has finally been told. This film needs to be available for people to view as I know many people who want to see it. It will open people's eyes.
thank you emil and everyone else involved in the making of this film. it was even better than i knew it would the time the shooting felt like something that happened to us. now its clear that this happened to all of us as a society and it wont change til the larger issues are addressed. hope many people see it. you did a great job!!
This all sounds good, but also sounds like its not getting the publicity it was meant to get... If only we (as in postal workers see it and appreciate it) then its not doing any good... Id like to see it and I am a postal-clerk....but I think EVERYONE needs to see something like this.... its a shame everyday that goes by that they dont..
"I opened my morning paper here in Macomb,MI and there it was on the front page...Murder by proxy has been shown in Royal Oak. I am so very grateful to Charlie, Emil and all those that were involved in this documentory. I know that I have I have been on the receiving end of postal harassment and that it is all too common to be coincidental. I remember being at a group therapy meeting the week after the RO shooting and there was a woman who had worked at RO and how she related all the problems that were unaddressed by management prior to the shooting. At my office we also have had such issues with harrasment etc. Off the top of my head I can name several managers that have been removed from the floor. To become a manger one basically has only to show up at work. Attendance is the main criteria for application just as pretty much anything else is. So we have people that are good at showing up for work but little else is evaluated such as psycho-social health, leadership, and REAL time management. With this said the same managers move up the ladder to become higher up managers. Don't get me wrong, I have had some very good managers unfortunately they were rare. I also see coming down the line from the PMG the ruin of the USPS. Top leadership wants to decimate the service rather than build it up. Cut delivery rather than try to create more business. Despite the Union offering up the error in pre-funding of retirees as a viable way to bring the USPS out of the red the PMG chose to leave it out of his comments before the congressman. When ask about it he stammered Uh yes that would bring us out of the as I see it poor management starts at the top. "
This film shows an intelligent thought out study of going postal. Thank you for giving the letter carriers a voice and for holding those in management accountable for creating a hostile work environment.
I want to see this film BADLY. I feel that every worker that feels bullied most likely is. Many in my line of work are. Bullying threats and intimidation are not good motivators. They are a poison.
"Emil, thanks for being a man of principal; it shows thoughout your film. Charlie, thanks for your dogged perseverence in exposing what happened behind the scenes in Royal Oak and trying to hold those accountable that were responsible for creating the hostile work environment. The movie is very powerfull! Felt very honored to be able to see it. Every Union should show this to their members and every supervisor, postal and private sector alike should be forced to watch it. It's about time someone did a film from the worker's perspective. Thanks again Emil,it was well worth the wait. To all those that were not able to see the film, hopefully it will be out nationwide soon; as Emil said, stay tuned."
It was a very powerful film. I find the increase in workplace violence disturbing. I found the lack of support Charlie received from the union for Accountability Day disheartening. The thing that really stuck out to me, though, were the accounts of the emotions surrounding Carlisle's death. For individuals to have to process the horror, trauma and grief of such a violent display only to have it mixed with a strong sense of relief, knowing their abuser is gone, is a combination of feelings I wish on no one. To the people I work with that experienced the 1991 tragedy and come to work, to the same building, with smiles and hellos" have my utmost respect. "
There are many of us that would like to see it... Information on how/when/where would be appreciated...
"This film hit the nail on the head. Murder by Proxy depicts the working environment of many work places across America. Oppressed people will always strive to obtain freedom and dignity. Cleary there is a need for change and for MUTUAL RESPECT in the workplace. Ray Foster"
Like Sean and the clerk said... sounds good.. but it would be nice to get to see it. If I lived in Michigan I would have gone, but the rest of the country does not know this movie exists yet..hope that changes, those of us that work at the usps know about it and want to see it.. but if we are the only ones who do nothing will change. Hope to see it soon, or at the least know when or how to.
Any ideas on when this film will be shown in California?
They say stay tuned"....."
I want to thank the whole crew of the film, it was great. People need to know the truth not what the people in power have to say. Charlie way to go, you never stop fighting for people who ask you help. Never change we need you. I hope that the rest of the country see this film and wakes up.
I hope the rest of the country at least hears about it
I am currently in college, training to be a paralegal. I would love it if you would provide showings at the colleges. I believe this video could save many lives and help those who plan on working in management to be mindful of how their actions affect others.
Hope that wasnt a one time only showing?? I cant find any news of there being any others planned or how to purchase it
the movie was much more powerful than i expected. i had heard in depth about the working conditions in those days from friends and co workers; and how those conditions led to the tragedy. i also received updates from Charlie now and again as the film was being made,and the finished product more than i expected. for his first film i thought Emile did a terrific job. a big point in the film was that with workplace conditions the way they are today, more violence is a certainty. how ironic that it happens in New Mexico less than a week later. i hope the film is made available for everyone to see. thanks charlie!!!
Guess the rest of us wait? Wish it was getting publicity in the meantime
guess this wont be available anytime soon? Ive asked people at the station I work at when they think it will come out and they didnt know there was a movie, thats not good
We feel this movie is a honest and emotional portrayal of what happened when Bullying" techniques were imposed on U.S. Postal Employees by their own supervisors. Most alarming was management's attempt to hinder the investigation of these tragedies by suppressing evidence. More people should get the opportunity to view this important piece of work."
I think there is plenty of us who would like to, it would be nice if someone running this site stepped up and shared some information...
Is this film coming to New York anytime soon? All of my union brothers are asking! Please respond. Thanks!
Dear Mr. Chiaberi! In your radio interview you've mentioned that there may be a screening in Seattle. Has the date been set yet? Please reply!!! Tamara
Emil, Was great meeting you Thurday night. I enjoyed hearing all about your film. I was your seat partner on your flight (in front of you). Email me I'd like to discuss an element of this project with you. Congratulations.
I don't remember the last time I was emotionally moved so much by a film. I hope I see more from this director! Brilliant. simply brilliant.
I am waiting in anticipation to see the film. I just got out of a 10 year stint in an engineering PhD program during which I was blatantly discriminated against and bullied because of my speech impediment. I have found bullies reside in elementary, junior high, senior high schools as well as universities. I also found bullying not surprisingly follows the bully right into the workplace. The first interview question I was asked was "I see you talk slow. Do you think as slow as you talk?". Having worked for small privately held firms, Fortune 500 companies, and several agencies of the Federal Government,I can tell you it exists everywhere. While working for the Federal Government, I watched in disbelief as my female supervisor was presented a decapitated pheasant head taped to an empty toilet paper roll at an office Thanksgiving celebration with the comment: Here, this is like you it has a good head, a nice tail, and no body! She was presented with witches hats, cucumbers for every day of the week, lawyers tickets for EEO suits, coffee cups with inappropriate sayings, a 55 gallon drum with "silicone" painted on the side (accompanied by a 6 ft fake syringe, and on and on. These were the 'tame' parts of her discrimination/harrassment suit, translated 'being bullied" suit. It took her 12 years to get a settlement which they immediately defaulted on. People to this day will look me in the eye and say she was not sexually harassed. I am not sure what planet they live on! Without even seeing the film I can confirm that since Reagon, bullying has most definitely become commonplace and can almost in some cases be described as the norm. His complete unwarranted distain for the federal worker has now permeated society as a whole. Bottom line "bullying" is alive and well in the workplace.
Thanks, I can't wait to see the movie. Great Job, thanks for having the courage to open this door.
Thank you so much, Mr. Chiaberi, for making this film! I've been talking about this stuff for years and people think I'm crazy. "what are you talking about?" they say. "What does it matter what these mass murderers were going through before they snapped?" People can't even imagine that these mass murders happened within a context. I can't wait to see what your film will show us!
Standing in my shoes, I cannot say this is a good movie. I am the daughter of Chris Carlisle. To see and hear someone say "I am glad Chris Carlisle was killed", and to learn they scratched his name off of a plaque, burns my heart in a way you will never understand. But ... I am just as strong willed, stubborn, and "charismatic" as my father. I have NEVER held the man who shot and killed my Dad totally accountable for his actions; I was taught at a young age, there was more to the story. If I can grasp that as a teenager, shame on you for holding my father 100% accountable and wishing him dead. Please remember he was a father, and he is now a Grandfather to two children that will never get to meet him.